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"Casa de La Inspiración" Walking through San Miguel is to feel the purity of the air, listen to the birds, discover in every corner a surprise that tells stories that catch you and fall in love, walking through San Miguel is looking at the beauty of its cobbled streets, matching the facades, balconies and wonderful views, doors, those doors that you could never imagine how much mystery they enclose inside, its inhabitants have left their history there, captured. Walking through San Miguel is responding to the smiles of the people who are waiting for yours back to answer it with a friendly greeting or an extensive conversation. The houses tell us about those who have inhabited them, but few of them can give you the feeling of a home, few make harmony with the essence of San Miguel, Casa Inspiración achieves it, from the first moment you stand in front of it, a maguey, a Mexican purple and pink bougainvillea invite you to discover the whispers on the walls that will offer you to leave your own story captured in them. Two gardens, just the right size allowing you to invest little time in their care and mostly delight in their beauty, a corridor leads you to the room full of light, already there, one or another corner awaits you to whisper its story to your soul, you continue and you find the dining room, each space full of light, some furniture in the house was specially designed for her so they are included with the house, on one side of the kitchen you will find a door that leads to the laundry room. In front of the kitchen you will climb only three steps to reach a full bathroom that shares one of the rooms, this room that is not the main one has a window that will allow light to enter and spare your window through the olive tree, which will also take you to the entrance patio. The main room has another window that also takes you to a second garden of the house, the house has two entrances that lead you from street to street. The main life of this house is in the area below, but if you wish there is a second floor, where there is only one more room, adapted as a study, this area has a half bathroom and a sink there the view and light will Surprise you, but just imagining contemplating the starry nights is already a delight. You can walk through the streets of Cañada and Frailes, their gardens will fill you with vitality and enthusiasm, if you continue you will arrive at the dam where the colorful sunsets will wait for your gaze. Come and see your home at Casa Inspiración La Cañada, just 15 minutes from the city center. EasyBroker ID: EB-HO6678